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Best RO Services :

Do you require a Best RO Service in the Karachi City? You have come to the right place. When it comes to RO purifier Repair service, it means how you deliver satisfaction to your customers. Service is a very essential part of any industry or company. At RO TACK WATER we believe in customer delight through our process-oriented service network.

Why Do You Require RO Repair Service

If your RO/UV water purifier is not working properly it will give you impure water. Also if the Water Purifier Service is not done properly the impurity will accumulate in every part of your RO system. Even the tank of pure water will have lots of impurities is not cleaned regularly.

RO Water Purifier services

RO AMC Service

We provide RO AMC serivce at best price and our expert technician provide regular service so that you get pure and healthy water all the time

RO Repair Service

We provide anytime RO repair service, so if your water purifier in having any problem just call us and we will assure an one time service directly at your home.

RO Purifier Spare

We provide genuine RO spare e.g. RO Membrane, RO Pump, Spun Filter, RO Candle, Carbon Filter, Sediment Filter etc. Contact us for getting the RO spares at best price.


RO AMC stands for Annual Maintenance Contract, where RO TACK WATER provides Best RO Service.  We also do an AMC with the customer for providing service and spare part replacement free of cost depending on the AMC category. For the Industrial and Commercial RO Plants, kindly provide us the details for providing the AMC or Operation & Maintenance Cost or Contact us at     021-0300 2824299.

or the Domestic Water Purifiers, check the below table for booking your AMC service depending on your requirement. We provide genuine and affordable AMC costs so that we can get hassle-free pure and healthy water from your RO syste

Advantages of RO Tack water :

  • We have a well managed and system-oriented approach, so which unable an unmatched service experience.
  • Trained team of technicians and customer care services for prompt and efficient service.
  • Direct Sales Distributor of brands, For example, Kent for whole Karachi.
  • Further, we have service cards for maintaining and recording the service provided.
  • Online service management system to track each and every service, to avoid any delay and missing of required services from time to time, hence it enhances the life of your equipment.
  • Personal Relationship Manager assigned to track your service records, feedback, and complaints if any as a result of customer satisfaction.
  • Customized service models as per your need, so you can choose any of the service AMC models as per your requirements.
  • Most importantly offer warranty for spares as per customer demand also.
  • Extended warranty and service scheme at very minimum charges so as the customer feel free about the maintenance and working of equipment during years.
  • Large satisfy customers all around Karachi/NCR in our client list.
  • Customer complains center for registering complaints if any.
  • Genuine spare parts to assure you the best water quality every time.
  • Moreover, we are working 7 days to cater to the daily needs and avoid delays in service and installation also.  remains closed during national holidays.
  • The maximum time for offering service after complaint or service request is 24 hrs.
  • Above all, we are the Best RO Service Center and have the best products to ensure we deliver the best and provide the best services.
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